To join our courses you need to become a member of Tromsø Lindy Hoppers (TLH) and of the student organisation DRIV, which we belong to. This will give you free access to all the classes you wish to join, both Beginners and Improvers.

The total price for the whole semester is 400 nok for students and 500 for others. Of these:
– 200 nok are the actual fee for the classes;
– 200/300 are the DRIV membership fee, which will also give you extra benefits, like discounts in the café and at the concerts. If you are volunteering at DRIV you don’t need to pay this. If you already are a member of another DRIV-group, you don’t need to pay twice.


If you only want to join a class now and then, you can do that without being a member but paying a drop-in fee of 50 nok.

How to sign up

You can sign up by sending us an e-mail at, or by telling us after the first or second class. We will help you with Driv-registration if needed.

You can pay both cash or vipps in class to confirm your registration.